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All we are thinking about every day, being created every small part of Aiwee - is how to make our customers and partners satisfied!

And if we are thinking of what our customers want. The answer is pretty simple - they want everything!

The fact is they want even more than they can afford.

And it's sounds kind of crazy, but we put the maximum efforts to give our customers even this.

Collecting for many years experience from the retail and internet industries, we were wondering if we can create something, that can allow our customers to buy more than they can afford.

Our main idea was to create the place, where people of all around the world can buy products with the maximum discounts, that they can't find in any other places, every time they want anything.

But we also were thinking about producers who usually have to lose their profits to provide huge discounts for customers. And it was a real challenge to create the new way of sales that can allow sale products with huge discounts without making producers cut their profits.

But today we proudly affirm, that Aiwee is the place that makes it real.

aiwee store

what do we offer:

  •    Games
  •    Software
  •    Games
  •    Sony Playstation 4
  •    PC
  •    XBox One
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