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Our mission is to change the way of sales, synergically combining customers and producers all over the world with the power of aiwee.

aiwee collage background
aiwee collage background

We invite brands and manufacturers to join


Requirements to the products:
  • Certification according to the export requirements, such as CE, FCC, RoHS, HDMI, UL, Bluetooth etc.
  • GTIN barcode for Branded products
  • Patented products should have EU and US patents
  • Brand EU sales license, for non-original brands
  • Better multi-language, but at least English instructions or manuals, packaging content and product characteristics
  • Safe transport package
  • Original product images (1920×1200 px)

Products We can accept:

  • Domestic brand mobile phone, foreign brand mobile phone, smart phone, function machine, old man machine, three anti-mobile phone, watch mobile phone
  • Mobile phone accessories: mobile power, Bluetooth headset, screensavers, protective cover, memory card, camera accessories, iPhone accessories, etc.
Computers and Tools:
  • Computer machine: notebook, super Ben, Tablet PC, desktop, one machine, tablet computer accessories, notebook accessories
  • Computer accessories: CPU, motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, memory, chassis, power, sound card, radiator, installed accessories
  • Peripheral products: mouse, keyboard, network instrumentation, U disk, camera, cable, video games, tablet, external box, computer tools, computer cleaning, sockets, etc.
  • Game accessories: game headphones, game handles, steering wheel, game accessories and so on
  • Network products: routers, network cards, switches, network storage, network boxes, network accessories, etc.
  • Office equipment: projectors, projection equipment, printers, scanning settings, security monitoring, and so on
  • Stationery supplies: cartridges, toner, ink cartridges, ribbons, paper, office stationery, student stationery, document management, calculator, pen, painting tools
  • 3D printing: 3D printers, 3D printing accessories and supplies, development boards, raspberry pie, etc. DIY development module
Consumer electronics:
  • Sports cameras: sports cameras and accessories, Gopro accessories, cameras, camcorders, photographic equipment
  • Audio and video products: headphones, players, game consoles, speakers, microphones, radios
  • Smart devices: smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, health monitoring, intelligent match, smart home, somatosensory products
  • Electronic cigarette: electronic cigarette, atomizer, tobacco, smoke oil, hookah, electronic cigarette accessories
  • Car electronics: driving recorder, car rearview mirror, navigator, Bluetooth device, car player, purifier, start power, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, inflatable pump
  • Car loaded with: headrest, car inside the goods, body fitted equipment, garments, car tools, seat cover cushions, wipers, etc.
  • Auto parts: lights, auto parts, handle, modified accessories and so on
Outdoor sport:
  • Riding: automatic cars, scooters, balance cars, mountain bike, gloves, lights, wind and fire wheel, bicycle flashlight, bicycle accessories
  • Fishing gear: fishing rods, fishing boats, hooks, bait, fishing chairs, fishing, fishing lines
  • Outdoor equipment, emergency equipment, telescope, outdoor instrument, military equipment, rescue equipment, ski equipment, water sports equipment, sunglasses, outdoor equipment, emergency equipment, telescope
  • Sporting goods: table tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer, skate pulley, golf, volleyball, etc.
  • Fitness training: dumb Ling, yoga mats, small equipment, sports protective gear, boxing appliances and so on
Home beauty:
  • Home daily: watches, electronic, bell, goggles, umbrellas, raincoats, craft gifts, storage supplies
  • Kitchen supplies: insulation Cup, baking, glass, thermometer, timer and so on
  • Peters: dog collar and dog rope, aquarium supplies, pet traction, pet toys, pet clothes, etc.
  • Small household appliances: frying machine, sweeping machine, juicer, coffee machine, toaster, gripping machine, hand-held vacuum cleaner, in addition to mite instrument, hanging hot machine, humidifier, aromatherapy machine, dehumidifier, Machine, yogurt machine, broken machine, water purifier, electric fan, heating machine, whisk, soya-bean milk maker, noodle machine, dishwasher, electric pressure cooker, electric baking pan
  • Lamps: smart lights, solar lights, table lamps, ceiling lamps, LED lights, loading category, chandeliers, emergency lights, flashlight, batteries and chargers, night lights, etc.
  • Beauty: multicolor eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, tattoo stickers, wigs, hairdressing tools, nail tools, makeup brushes and suits
  • Health care: hair dryer, razor, epilator, beauty instrument, massage, sphygmomanometer, hairdresser, etc.
  • Home improvement categories: faucets, showers, towel racks and other bathroom accessories, wall stickers, oil paintings, equipment painting, simulation flowers and other wall decoration
  • Bedding: quilt, bed sheets, pillow and so on
  • Curtain: curtains, shade curtains, screens, curtains and so on
  • Gardening: water pipes, planting tools, potted furnishings and so on
Maternal and child toys:
  • Different toys
  • Musical instruments: guitar, violin, brass instruments, harmonica, keyboard instruments, percussion instruments, ceramic instruments, other instruments and their related accessories
  • Maternal and child supplies: mosquito repellent, warm milk, sucker, pacifier, warm milk, pacifier, baby bag, baby strap, baby bench, toilet training, baby toothbrush toys, baby carriages, pp Bottle, baby tableware, food supplement grinder, saliva towel, safety protection angle, urine pad, neonatal diaper pocket, neonatal photography clothes, etc.
  • T-shirt, sweater, sweater, jacket, jacket, down jacket, shorts, skirt, denim, underwear, pajamas
  • Dress: National Wind Print Dress, Midline Lace Dress, Macaron Long Dress, Casual OL Dress
  • Other: lace stitching / hollow / embroidery knitted cardigan, exposed umbilical equipment
  • T-shirt, sweater, sweater, jacket, jacket, down jacket, cowboy, suit
  • Yoga clothes, strength clothes, outdoor sportswear, men and women swimsuit swim trunks
Girls (2-15 year olds):
  • Dress (plain small dress skirt, European and American style princess dress, printed tassel dress)
  • T-shirt, sweater, sweater, jacket, jacket, down jacket, cowboy
  • Girls swimsuit swim trunks, cartoon print blouses / suits
Boys: (2-15 year olds):
  • Boy Cartoon Print Tops / Set
  • T-shirt, sweater, sweater, jacket, jacket, down jacket, cowboy
  • Boy swimsuit swim trunks
  • Women's shoes: (foreign trade shoes large size shoes) sandals, sports shoes, high heels, snow boots, casual shoes
  • Men's shoes: (foreign trade shoes large size shoes) sandals, sports shoes, snow boots, casual shoes
  • Children's shoes: (foreign trade shoes large size shoes) sandals, sports shoes, snow boots, casual shoes
  • Leather / canvas (backpack, business package, portable Messenger bag, shoulder bag, beach bag, wallet, card package, chest bag)
Clothing Accessories:
  • Men's Accessories: Men's Scarves, Bibs, Men's Baseball Cap, Winter Knit Cap, Glove Men's Belt, Tie, Tie
  • Women's Accessories: Women's Scarves, Bracelets, Women's Summer Big Sweat Hat, Winter Knitwear, Gloves, Stockings
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  •    Software
  •    Games
  •    Sony Playstation 4
  •    PC
  •    XBox One
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